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Welcome to our website where you will find terrific “bookable” vacation, corporate or student accomodation rentals and more info on our services for rental guests. Whether you own a vacation home or are shopping to stay in one, we know you have a lot of choices on who to work with and that is one reason we strive to give 200% every day and aim to exceed your expectations. Another reason is that we are professionals with the experience and team in place to help insure your complete satisfaction with our services.

Fully Bookable Rental Inventory

One thing that travelers like about our website is that it is easy to search and navigate to find the right apartment and amenities for their needs and then book it online 24/7/365.


We know that people are not just looking for a place to stay, but an entire vacation experience — that’s why all of our listings are mapped in relation to all the activities, attractions and fun that will meet their personalized needs.

Corporate Platinum

Our apartments are located in the center of Madrid, making them perfect for workers and business executives. That is why we have created an exclusive service for companies, so they can have both a short stay and a slow period of time.

Students accomodation

At Gran Via Madrid Apartments we understand the needs of students who need central, comfortable accommodation with all the services. That is why we have created the Students Platinum service.

Thank YOU!

Please know that we strive to give 200% every day and aim to exceed your expectations. We hope to serve you now or in the future!

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