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el rey leon

El Rey León en La Gran Vías

Thanks to the genius, artistic and creative vision of its director, Julie Taymor, the musical genre takes a step forward. With its surprising and colorful staging, EL REY LEÓN transports the viewer to African exoticism, with evocative music, constituting a new milestone in the world of entertainment, a turning point in artistic design, and in general, in the musical genre , that nobody leaves indifferent. A great creative team for an unforgettable musical.

EL REY LEÓN is an exceptional musical, the result of the union of renowned musical and theatrical talents worldwide and the fusion of the most sophisticated disciplines of the African, Western and Asian performing arts.

Seen by 90 million viewers and winner of 70 awards, this incredible musical with more than 20 years on the Broadway stages features the songs of Elton John and Tim Rice, and the music of Lebo. M and Hans Zimmer.

A unique show full of family values, which demonstrates the connection of each one of us with our roots. EL REY LEÓN makes the viewer reconsider the importance of each of our actions and the effect they cause on our environment, as well as the importance of feeling that we belong to a group, and how all this shapes our destiny. In addition, a song of respect and love for nature.




FITUR 2018



17-21 ENERO
FITUR es el punto de encuentro global para los profesionales del turismo y la feria líder para los mercados receptivos y emisores de Iberoamérica.

En la edición 2017 FITUR ha batido record de participación con 9.893 empresas expositoras de 165 países / regiones, 135.838 participantes profesionales y 109.134 visitantes de público general. Hay que destacar un crecimiento del 18,8% de visitantes profesionales internacionales con respecto a la edición anterior.

Asimismo, el volumen de citas de negocio que han sido agendadas y gestionadas en FITUR, en sus diferentes B2B, se ha incrementado hasta alcanzar las 6.800 citas.

La presencia de 7.542 periodistas también evidencia la expectación que genera FITUR en el circuito internacional de ferias del sector.

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